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Company Profile

BluCube is an independent distributer and reseller of audio visual components, ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers and outdoor speakers.

BluCube is owned and operated by Levco Limited, the company behind the hugely successful Sonos reseller, SimplySonos (now known as Simply Sound and Vision). Simply Sound and Vision are Sonos’ longest-serving UK dealer.

Levco Ltd acquired the brand outright in the summer of 2009 and now distribute to the trade as well as supplying BluCube loudspeakers direct to the end user. This means customers can enjoy high quality, discrete audio at a fraction of the cost of big-brand equivalents.

Described by one of Chris Rea’s producers as “reproducing the music as intended by the studio” BluCube loudpeakers deliver truly outstanding value.

BluCube have supplied over 10,000 pairs of speakers in the UK alone.


25 Aug 2015

“…Sounds as I remember the recording in the studio”

10 Aug 2015

Over 10,000 successful installations

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BluCube is an independent distributer and reseller of audio components.