This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Blucube Speakers, or if you need support, please visit our Contact Us page.

BluCube have offices in Teddington, West London and Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Our demonstration facility is in Teddington where you can see and listen to the range of BluCube speakers and compare them to other popular brands such as Bowers and Wilkins, Kef, Monitor Audio, Polk Audio, Sonance and others. Please ring for an appointment so that we can understand your requirements.

BluCube are a sister company of Simply Sound and Vision (formerly known as SimplySonos). Simply Sonos started with Sonos in the UK back in early 2005 as their first UK dealer and have supplied and installed approaching twenty thousand pairs of ceiling speakers. There is no-one in the UK with more experience of Sonos. As a product of that expertise, we also specilaise in ceiling speakers. We share that experience with customers and encourage you to call us to discuss your needs in the first instance. We aim to be accessible and encourage our own customers to use us as a point of call for technical support.

BluCube speakers are designed to be easily installed and are well within the capability of a DIY enthusiast, so we do sell direct to the end user as well as the more traditional trade customer.

We think BluCube speakers offer the best price performance in the market. The quality of both the manufacture and sound reproduction is up there with the best and yet the price is so much more affordable. Features in the higher end models include 4/8 ohm impedance switching, overload protection, low profile, magnetically-attached grilles pre-mount kits and installation guides.