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We do like to know our customers. That way we can serve you better. And frankly, that’s because we’d like you to come back to us… and recommend us.


In the years since 2005 we have found our customers broadly fit into the following categories:

  • DIY Renovators – Those performing extensive renovations to their own property.
  • Contracted renovators – Those with builders and electricians performing renovations to their property.
  • DIY non-renovators. Those who are not renovating or have finished renovating and wish to retro-fit entertainment systems into their homes.
  • Contracted non-renovators – Those who are not renovating or have finished renovating and wish to contract for the installation of entertainment systems in their homes.

To DIY or not to DIY?

Whether you are renovating, have finished renovating, or not renovating at all, the installation of BluCube flush-mounted loud speakers is well within the means of most competent DIY enthusiasts.


Our speakers come with a comprehensive installation guide (you can download it here) which contains all you need to know to install them. If in doubt, call us first to discuss.


If, however, you are a self-confessed clutz with a screwdriver, have the means to employ others for such tasks or simply don’t have the time, then we will happily work with or for you to ensure your system is fitted properly.


We have our own teams of contractors to perform the work if you so desire but we also acknowledge that another on-site contractor, particularly during extensive property work can be disruptive. We therefore regularly work with our customers chosen contractors and specify cabling, positioning and dimensions. Mostly this can even be done without the need for a site visit as we can work with plans and other such data to provide the detail.


Clearly, the simplest time to install in-ceiling or in-wall speakers is during a refurbishment. The floorboards are up, the joists are exposed, the plaster is not on the walls and you are yet to decorate. This is the best (and least expensive) moment to install the speaker cabling.


Once the decorating is done, it becomes a little more tricky. That does not mean there aren’t opportunities though. Using a wireless system, such as Sonos, you can minimise the wiring requirements and hence any disruptive installation. For example, you may be able to locate amplifiers in adjacent rooms or an attic and be able to run cables to speakers without needing to redecorate.

Will you come to me?

If you want us to come to you, please call us in the first instance to talk through the specifics of your requirements. If we can accommodate a site visit we’ll do so. We have an extensive network of local installers which covers most parts of the United Kingdom and is growing fast. So if you have a specific or unusual requirement, we’ll try to come and have a look and quote for your installation.


Many customers will send scans of plans or sketches and we’ll gladly take the time to discuss these over the telephone. This all helps to keep the costs down so that we can offer the best value and competitiveness to our clients.

What makes BluCube Speakers unique?

Attenuation Switches

Each Blucube custom install speaker pair, from the CXL range, features 6db attenuation switches for both woofers and tweeters. These allow the installer to fine tune the speakers output levels to match room designs, specific applications, or individual listening preferences.


Adjustable Impedance

The 4ohm/8ohm switch located on the PCB provides the installer increased flexibility in matching power output and impedance levels to optimise the systems performance.


Woven Kevlar Cones

The CXL series of custom install speakers use DuPont Kevlar fibres. The woven Kevlar fibres used in the cone allows the woofer section to deliver better defined bass and at the same time producing a refined midrange bringing a cleaner, clearer listening experience.


Titanium Tweeters

The titanium dome tweeters in the Blucube CXL range deliver a smooth, crisp, controlled frequency response with detailed sound. They are able to handle more power and definition more consistently than soft dome tweeters and are protected by a polymide auto-reset switch in the event of overload. With a 30-degree tilt and full rotation swivel capability, the tweeter design allows for a tailored and optimised performance to match room design, or layout.


Stable Mountings

The two-piece baffle design in the Blucube custom install range allows the tweeter to be directly mounted on the bridge itself rather than the pole mounting found in most current designs. This allows the speaker to handle more power with increased cone stability resulting in reduced harmonic distortion.


Durable Construction

All speakers are designed to deliver excellent performance in a full range of indoor listening environments. Polypropylene plastics and large cable gauges, for better signal transfer, will ensure many years of listening enjoyment. Blucube speakers carry a 5 year warranty.


Contractor Series

The CCL range is aimed at development opportunities or less frequently used rooms of the house where a the sophisticated sound of the rest of the range would be considered indulgent. They offer a good sound quality at an affordable price, have a conveniently shallow mounting depth and feature the same finish as the rest of the range with the magnetic low-profile grilles.

Wireless technology?

We are asked about wireless speakers many times a day! Speakers need energy to drive the sound. That must come from batteries or mains power. Battery driven wireless speakers do exist, but do you really want to be worried about constantly recharging them if they are integrated within the home? No, we thought not!


The net of it is, we really need speakers to get energy from the mains. This means they must either be wired directly to an amplifier or wired to the mains (and receive the music wirelessly). Either way, they are wired.


Where wireless technology comes in is that we can use it to minimise (albeit not eliminate) cabling. The question now becomes: do we use mains connected speakers that receive music wirelessly or use an amplifier that receives its music (and control signals) wirelessly and then powers the speakers directly?


The best answer is emphatically the latter because you gain better flexibility, sound performance and reliability as a consequence.


We will be delighted to explain in more detail, or visit our sister website: for more information on the Sonos Wireless Digital Music System which we have matched with many hundreds of pairs of BluCube (and other) speakers since 2005.

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